Happy Holidays??

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS?? We are in the heart of the holiday season and although we get a lot of messaging about this being a joyful time to spend with loved ones, it is often mixed with anxiety, depression and stress. At this time of year my practice is busy. Often spending time with extended family can be difficult. Past grievances flair back up, old patterns of behavior reappear and we are often drinking more, sleeping less and feeling financially strained … which adds to our difficulty coping. So how do you get through this season a little more gracefully? First, by acknowledging that holidays are difficult for people. Some people are struggling with the death loss of a loved one or dealing with families [...]

Stressed Out And Anxious

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STRESSED OUT AND ANXIOUS Have you noticed how busy we all are lately?  Everyone talks about being "stressed out"! The world we live in with cell phones, video conferencing, Instagram, snap chat, etc. is lively and interactive, but it can also feel overwhelming and stressful.  As I see more and more clients who are coming in with stress related to living in a 2016 world, I have been contemplating what we can do about this overload. One of the challenges we face is to not get caught up in what a client of mine refers to as "fomo" - fear of missing out.  The idea that if we don't do it all, we will somehow miss out on something really important.  However, we might want [...]

Coping With Family Stress During The Holidays

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COPING WITH FAMILY STRESS DURING THE HOLIDAYS To officially kick off this blog, I thought I'd start with a subject that everyone can relate to: family. As fall moves in and the leaves begin to drop, we start to think about holiday planning, which leads to how we will be spending time with our families (family of "origin" or "created" families). Regardless of whether you have a well functioning family or a more chaotic family, this time of the year can create stress. We are told that family is important (family IS important) and should be our priority, but my experience as a therapist and my personal experience with being a part of a less-than-perfect family have given me some insight into how [...]

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